Web Security Suite

Periodic security audits for dynamic websites and webshops in a user friendly dashboard.


Increase the Security Posture of Your Website

Reduce Downtime of Your Website

By proactively monitor the health of your website, many security flaws can be found and fixed before they can be exploited.

Improve Customer Trust

Include security batch on your website to show that you care about the information security of your customers.

Comply with GDPR Standards

Support for periodically testing and documenting the security standards of your website for GDP compliance

Overview of the Web Security Suite

The Web Security Suite of patronus.io bundles 18 different microservices in one user-friendly dashboard. It combines preventive analysis, real-time monitoring and backups of your website – enabling you to keep full control of your application.

The Testing Approach

Your website is a dynamic composition of multiple components (CMS, database, plugins etc.). The components itself as well the interactions between them offer multiple ways of how a website can be attacked and manipulated. As a consequence, we test from multiple angles to gurantee a high security posture. 

Blackbox Testing

On a periodic basis, an automated penetration test is conducted to test your system for a variety of known vulnerabilities. With this approach the pentest module will also identify unknown vulnerabilities. Your system is treated like a “black box” as the security scan only uses the information that would be available to an external attacker.

Whitebox Testing

For this testing phase, we have access to your system (via FTP or SFTP). This allows us to scan your source code for a set of vulnerabilities and security issues that would otherwise not be traceable.

Web Security Suite

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Developed for SMEs

Fully Automated

In comparison to a manual security audit through a security consultant, your application will be monitored constantly and fully-automated, saving resources and cost.

Intelligent Algorithms

Over time, our algorithms will build a better understanding of your system to better adjust to your business processes.

Highest Security Standards

The stored data is asynchronously encrypted. We exclusively use servers in Germany that are monitored under strictest GDPR compliance.

Pick a Plan that Works for Your Business

Free Basic Business Professional
0€/month 19€/month 49€/month 89€/month
Safe Browsing Check yes yes yes yes
Blacklist Check yes yes yes yes
SSL Check yes yes yes yes
Uptime Monitoring 120 min 60 min 30 min 5 min
Crawling Files 1000 5000 15000
Content Hashing yes yes yes
Bad Link Report yes yes yes
Bad Word Report yes yes yes
Subresource Integrity Check yes yes
Visual Regression Test yes yes
FTP Source Footprint Anaylse yes yes
Pentesting yes
FTP Monitoring yes yes
Malware Detection yes yes
Backdoor Detection yes yes
Deep Code Analysis yes
Alert & Notification System yes yes
Security Certificate yes
Support yes

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