Patronus API

Automatically find vulnerabilities while you are developing and testing your web applications.

Find Vulnerabilities Early with the Pentest Module

Use Case: Start the pentest module after every major deployment to your testing/staging system and find vulnerabilities before deploying to production.

  • Quickly inspect and solve the detected vulnerabilities while they are still in the developers mind
  • Make security an essential part of your development pipeline

Integrate & Customize with Your Testing Workflow

Integration Options:
  • Similar to your other unit tests, integrate our pentest module into your development pipeline
  • Support for many CI/CD tools (Gitlab, Jenkins & CircleCI- more in development)
Configuration Options:
  • Provide Login credentials to test private areas of the web application
  • The pentest comes pre-configured but you can also configure the settings to suite your testing needs

Fix Vulnerabilities Within Hours Instead of Days

Test Overview:
  • The pentest is optimized for speed in order to provide results to accomodate the demands of a usual testing pipeline
  • The pentest module checks tests for the most common vulnerabilities (Based on OWASP Top 10)
Test Results:
  • Results are reported in an easy to use format (JSON)
  • Every vulnerability comes with additional information and guidance for solving the vulnerability

For Development Teams

Be able to integrate security testing into your workflow. Get started within 5 minutes. Just create an API-Key for the project and start the first test-run – no long pre-configuration needed. Easy to use advice to fix the vulnerabilities.

For DevOps

Integrate automated security tests into your existing workflows without a big hassle. Automate the test runs after every major deploy to testing.


Easy Setup and Maintenance

Simply generate an API key and start the first pentest. It only takes 5 minutes.

Crawler for Modern Web Apps

You can select between an HTML or JS crawler to reliably crawl your application and start the tests accordingly.

Dashboard for Easy Administration
Simple dashboard to manage the API keys and pentest settings.
Pre-Configuration (if needed)

Get strong testing capabilities out of the box, while still having the possibility to customize the pentest to your needs.

Want to Take the API for a Spin?