Security is our Philosophy

Our Beginning

patronus.io started from the idea to enable easy security testing solutions for everyone. Since our founding, we have helped many of our customers to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.
We strive to stay in the top field of cyber security testing and allow developers to secure their projects with a fast and reliable solution.

Jens Altmann — Managing Director & CTO

For more than 13 years Jens has worked as a developer and security consultant. He specialises in web application security and secure system design. Personally, it is his mission to educate about the importance of security and to improve the security standards in Germany.

“Today, good security testing is still very expensive and hard to implement. As a consequence, many organizations run applications with a bad security posture or pay huge amounts for the tools, training and implementation. This is why we founded patronus.io – We want to help to solve this problem and be a reliable partner for growing IT organizations.”

Known From

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Our Other Products

Web Security Suite

The Web Security Suite of patronus.io bundles 18 different microservices in one user-friendly dashboard. It combines preventive analysis, real-time monitoring and backups of your website – enabling you to keep full control of your application.

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