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Save time on every test run and gain security insights to improve your code quality.


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Patronus API

Security testing for developers

Web Security Suite

Security testing for ecommerce

Security Testing via API

The Patronus API enables development teams to integrate fast and reliable security testing modules into their development pipeline. Run a security test after every major deploy on your testing system. Find vulnerabilities early. Resolve them before they are pushed to production.

Penetration Testing 

Make use of a modern dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution. We built our pentest module to suit the demands of modern web applications.

  • HTML and JS crawler to detect all pages of your application
  • Fast test results to support your agile development procedures

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Integrate with Popular CI Systems

Integrate our testing modules into your CI pipelines in a matter of minutes and completely customize them to suit your workflow.


Designed for the Developer Experience

We want to help development teams to write more secure code and ultimately run more secure web applications. Web App Security can only become part of the developer stack if it is built and supported in a user-friendly way. Therefore we provide an extensive documentation as well as direct support with our engineers.

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