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Web Application Security Scanner

Our web application security scanner is able to crawl and test HTML5 Websites and SPA (Single Page Applications), detecting multiple vulnerabilities including XSS, SQLi, OSCI, LFi.

The scanner comes pre-configured, so you can start testing within minutes.

CI/CD integration via API to customize the security scanner and export vulnerability results in JSON-format.

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Web Application Security Scanner

Fast and reliable web application security testing, tailored for developers.

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Cyber Security Made in Europe

At patronus.io we focus on automating complex testing and analysis methods through innovative approaches in the area of web security. We develop security software solutions that allow SMEs to add affordable security measures to their development process.
With our project “Web Security as a Service” we develop a fully automated security test suite for easy integration into any continuous integration or testing pipeline. This project receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund and IBB’s ProFIT programme to help SMEs increase overall productivity by focusing on their core business and avoiding expensive and time-consuming manual tests.